Dr. Wanda Evans Nominated to Serve on Advisory Board for Morris Animal Foundation

|| December 1, 2013

Dr. Wanda Evans will serve on the Small Animal scientific advisory board (SAB) for Morris Animal Foundation. Morris Animal Foundation is a nonprofit organization that invests in research that has a global impact on animal health.  

SAB members are nominated by their peers and approved by the Foundation's trustees. Dr. Evans will serve a four-year term and contribute more than 100 volunteer hours per year. Every year, advisory board members review and provide written comments and attend an in-person grant review meeting for approximately 16 research grant proposals submitted to the Foundation. They rank proposals for scientific merit, relevance, and impact and provide critical feedback to unfunded investigators on how to improve their research proposals. Both of these outcomes are integral to the advancement of veterinary medical research. In adddition, throughout the year SAB members evaluate progress reports from ongoing funded studies to ensure that the Foundation's funds are being wisely spent.

"Dr. Evans agreeing to serve as a Morris Animal Foundation SAB member is a testimonial to her commitment to the veterinary profession and to animal health research. We are truly grateful to Dr. Evans for volunteering her time and expertise and to WVRC for supporting this endeavor."

- David Haworth, DVM, PhD
 President & CEO, Morris Animal Health