Just Going For a Walk

|| March 10, 2016

“We were just going for a walk.”

This sentence is very commonly used when an owner brings their dog to our ER after getting attacked by another dog.

Tonight I got to meet Rolo, as she was the poor dog that got attacked on her evening walk.

Laceration on RoloRolo is a 7-year-old female spayed Labrador. She was out for an evening walk when another dog and owner approached. Both dogs started to smell each other and then, with no warning, the other dog bit Rolo’s lip and latched on. The owner of the other dog pulled the dog away and left. Rolo, being a Lab, acted like nothing had happened even though she had a huge laceration on her lip that was dripping blood everywhere.

The owners rushed her to WVRC Racine, and that’s when I met her. This sweet dog really did not seem to notice her newly acquired face deformity and was more interested in sniffing the floor and looking around the hospital.

Rolo in coneRolo was heavily sedated, and I repaired her laceration. The repair was quick, and she recovered well. Unfortunately, she’s the one that has to go home with an e-collar (aka cone of shame). I hope her doggie friends and family don’t make fun of her if she has a scar!

Rolo is lucky that she didn’t sustain worse injuries from this other dog, but this is a lesson to all dog owners. While Rolo is known to be good with other dogs and has never been aggressive, we can’t always know about the other dog walking down the street. As owners, it’s our responsibility to cross the street or notify other owners if our dog has had a problem with other dogs, people, or children.

Just keep cute Rolo in your mind next time you and your pup go for a walk.

- Kerri Wiedmeyer, DVM

WVRC - ER Veterinarian