Dr. Johnson, Blood Donor Program director,
with our first blood donor, Flynn.

Become a hero!

Thank you for inquiring about our blood donor program.  Your dog or cat can give the gift of life to an animal that is sick or injured.  Due to the nature of cases we see, the demand for blood products is always high. We rely on the help of willing canine and feline volunteers to keep our supply steady and help those animals in need.  Donating is safe and easy - just watch the video below.  Give your pet the chance to be a hero!

There are benefits to being a blood donor such as free laboratory tests (valued at $500) to ensure the pet's health status and the safety of the blood pool, a complete physical exam and a gift of gratitude for you and your furry friend.

To learn more about the specifics of our blood donor program and the requirements of the donor, click on the appropriate links:  

Blood Donor Brochure (Agreement/Requirements)
Blood Donor Agreement - Dog: Online Form*
Blood Donor Agreement - Cat: Online Form* 

*By submitting this online form, you declare that you have read and agree to the Blood Donor Requirements.

Watch Bosley Donate Blood!  

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