Dee Dee

Dog Bite

Meet Dee Dee, a beautiful 6 year-old cat that was bitten by a dog while outside. She had gaping abdominal and leg wounds with large amounts of debris in the abdominal wound. Our emergency department began working to stabilize her as soon as she arrived. They began antibiotics, cleaned the debris from the wounds, and bandaged her abdomen and limbs. Due to the severity of the abdominal wound and the high amount of contamination and risk for infection as well as concern for her overall shock and stability, Dee Dee was not a good anesthetic/surgical candidate at that time.  Bandaging was begun to allow the wound to be amenable to surgery. She needed tube feeding for several weeks to prevent liver failure due to her lack of appetite and daily bandage changes for her wounds. Dee Dee returned to the Surgical service for closure of her abdominal wound once she was stable and the wound was clean. Dr. Hurley was able to close the wounds and within a week she began eating well, had her feeding tube removed at suture removal and we are happy to report that Dee Dee made a full recovery!