Emergency C-Section

Dixie was a very pregnant lab that presented at WVRC - Waukesha with evidence of placental separation and fetal distress. She had a very large litter. She was taken immediately to C-section and all of the 10 puppies were saved! 

This was a huge team effort that was put forward in saving Dixie and her puppies. It takes a lot of people to manage a C-section and everyone in the hospital that night was involved and deserves credit for this amazing outcome. Drs. Glazer and Quigley resuscitated one of the puppies that was not breathing on his own and then stayed late to keep seeing other cases while Dr. Tourdot was finishing up in the operating room with Dixie. All of the technicians on that night were involved in the delivery and care of the puppies. Congratulations to our team, Dixie, and her owners! And welcome to the world, little pups!