T-Cell Lymphoma

Gizmo, a 13-year-old Shih Tzu, began to lose weight although his appetite remained normal. He had always been a relatively inactive dog, but he seemed to be more lethargic and just “didn’t seem quite right.” 

His family veterinarian referred him to WVRC’s oncology team and Dr. Custead gave him a full exam where results showed that Gizmo had malignant t-cell lymphoma. Lymphoma is one of the most common cancers in dogs and typically affects multiple areas of the body at once, which is why chemotherapy is used to manage this cancer.

After a few setbacks in the beginning of his treatment, Gizmo quickly got back on track and feeling like his normal self again.

Although the type of cancer Gizmo had was a pretty tough one to beat, Gizmo has now kicked cancer’s tail and is cancer free!! Way to keep fighting Gizmo.