Mast Cell Tumor

Goose has gone through a lot of ups and downs in young life. His owner rescued him a little over a year and half ago, just before he was going to be put down due to urinary stones, with the intention of getting him healthy and finding him a forever home. After a year of not finding the right home for him, his owner and her two other dogs were so in love with Goose they decided to keep him in the family.

Shortly after that, his owner noticed a suspicious pimple size red lump on his scrotum. After a few months it started to grow to the size of a quarter and it was removed and sent out for testing. Unfortunately, it came back as a mast cell tumor Grade 3. That day she made an appointment with Dr. Custead and Chemotherapy was started that same day. Goose has now completed his last treatment and is cancer free!!

Goose is a laid back guy that loves to cuddle with anyone who will let him. He loves to give kisses. He is a big guy with a even bigger heart. Congrats to Goose for Kicking Cancer's Tail!!