Multiple Issues

Gus, a domestic short hair cat, was a stray who miraculously was found by the right person at just the right time. Gus was brought to WVRC’s Racine ER because he was lethargic, vomiting and had diarrhea. Three days prior he had been found outside looking very thin and had mange, ear mites, skin infections, fleas, and was anemic.

Because he was a stray, there was no medical history to help assess Gus’ illness. It could have been from lack of food and surviving outside or there could be an underlying disease. The first step was to give Gus a broad spectrum dewormer and medication for his diarrhea, as well as feed him a bland diet and have him follow up with his family veterinarian.

About a week later, Gus was back at the ER because he all of a sudden would not open his eyes and would not eat. He was reluctant to move because he did not want to open his eyes and he would occasionally cry as if in pain. And even though his owners had been treating him for fleas and ear mites at home, he had developed a skin infection around both ears from scratching.

An eye exam revealed a small pinpoint ulcer on his right eye, for which he was given a topical antibiotic to be applied at home. He was also given an antibiotic injection for his skin infection, pain medication to help with his discomfort, and fluids under the skin to help with hydration. To help keep his temperature up, he was given a handmade sweater to comfort him until he regained some weight and became healthier.

Hard to believe the transformation in just eight short months. He came to us at about 4 pounds and very sickly, and now he now weighs 16 pounds and is healthy and thriving!! A special diet, some medication, and tender loving care from his new-found family have cured all that ailed him. Way to fight Gus! We wish you many happy years basking in the sun with your fur-ever family.