Hogan is a beautiful 2 year-old lab that came to WVRC-Waukesha Animal Hospital after 1700cc of fluid was drained from his chest at his primary vet clinic. Hogan was declining quickly and was transferred. Dr. Evans performed a thoracotomy to remove debris in the chest, remove adhesions from the diaphragm and lungs, and to thoroughly flush the chest. A chest tube was placed to allow fluid to drain as well. After several days in hospital, Hogan went home. He came in for a follow up and suture removal and is doing very well! The cause? Hogan was hunting up north. It's suspected that he sniffed something (possibly a grass seed tip), and it landed in the lung and migrated to his chest. The body then attacks it as an infection. It's rare but does occur in hunting dogs. We're glad Hogan is on the road to recovery!