Dog Bite

This distinguished Tuxedo cat was brought to our Waukesha ER more than 13 years ago, the victim of a sudden, surprising dog bite from one of his housemates. Kicker suffered puncture wounds to his neck and head that left him with a slight head tilt due to nerve damage, and he stayed in intensive care with us for three days.

We were so pleased to receive an update on Kicker from his “mom,” who reports that he recently turned 19-years-old and is as feisty as ever!

“Kicker is the king of the roost and knows how to get his way by any means necessary if you don’t respond quick enough to his demands. He has such a sweet personality and forces his love on everyone and every animal he meets. We cannot thank the WVRC staff enough for their compassion, expertise, and loving him up while he was an inpatient. Thank you all again; we are forever grateful!”