Foreign Body

Lizzy, a 9-year-old Golden Retriever, came to WVRC after a nearly one month history of lethargy and progressive GI symptoms (vomiting, poor appetite, etc). After an evaluation, Lizzy was taken to abdominal exploratory surgery due to concerns for an intestinal foreign body. During surgery, a large piece of foreign material (string, plastic, and grass) was removed from her intestines. Due to the significant amount of damage done to her intestinal tract, approximately 30-40% of her intestines had to be removed by one of our board certified surgeons, Dr. Connie Hurley!

Lizzy spent the next four days in the ICU recovering from her extensive surgery. Despite the critical nature of her condition, Lizzy kept a great attitude throughout her time in the hospital! She was always eager to give kisses, a paw or just sit and cuddle, as she demonstrates here with her friend, ICU technician Matt.