Malignant Oral Melanoma

In February 2013, our sweet ten-year-old dachshund Mason was diagnosed with malignant oral melanoma after a routine dental exam revealed a tumor inside his gumline. We were devastated at the news; melanoma patients often have a poor prognosis due the cells’ dangerous tendency to spread quickly. WVRC doctors Laura Goodman and Gwenn Schamberger determined that Mason’s best chances of survival included cancer vaccine injections, radiation tomotherapy, and the surgical removal of his left lower jawbone. Nine months later, Mason eats well with a soft food diet, and his tongue hangs out cutely when he’s tired. To our joy, he enthusiastically runs around with his beloved red ball tucked firmly in one side of his mouth, his tail ever-wagging. We never thought things would go this well, and all signs point to remission. Thank you, THANK YOU for giving us renewed hope of more years with our Mason!  -Mason's Owners