Sweet Pea

Broken Neck

Sweet Pea is the perfect name for this adorable kitten!  Found by good Samaritans in their backyard, Sweet Pea was barely able to stand. They brought her to the pet neurology service at our vet hospital in Waukesha and we performed screening labs and x-rays. Nothing specific showed up on the x-rays so the next step was to use MRI. Even for a kitten that weighed a mere 1.7lbs, we were able to detect a fracture of the cervical spine 1 & 2 (complex fracture of the neck). Sweet Pea’s neck was cast in a demobilization splint. She came in multiple times for rechecks and new splints as she continued to grow rapidly. Her owner said she is such a happy kitty and that despite the large splint, she purred constantly, ate well and has been a welcome surprise addition to their family.  Sweet pea is now fully recovered!