Pancreatitis, Seizures

Vinnie can finally relax now that he’s feeling better!  Like many of our cases, Vinnie was a team effort.  This adorable 5 year-old Jack Russell Terrier came to WVRC for vomiting and severe abdominal pain.  During his hospitalization Dr. Brinson, Internist, identified severe pancreatitis.  Ultimately he developed a pancreatic abscess, which drained necrotic fluid into his abdomen and required surgery that was performed by Dr. Hurley.  He also had a history of seizures and had been taking a medication that can impact pancreatitis and liver values.  After consulting with the Neurologist, they replaced the seizure medication with a new type, and Vinnie has been tolerating it well.  This, along with a very low fat diet, will help in preventing pancreatitis flare-ups.  Vinnie’s owners report he is doing very well at home and is back to himself.