Marshfield Labs at Wisconsin's Service

Snyder_Laura.jpgWVRC is very fortunate to have Marshfield Labs physically located in our Waukesha hospital.  They provide a wide array of diagnostic laboratory services to us and veterinarians/research facilities nationwide.  In many cases, test result wait times are significantly decreases for our patients.  In addition, Dr. Laura Snyder, Clinical Pathologist, is available to consult with our specialists on any case if needed.  Our customers have come to expect, and deserve, nothing less.

Working to meet your needs every day is the goal of our staff. Together, the Marshfield Labs team supports veterinary clinical medicine and research by providing:

    • Accurate and rapid testing at reasonable prices.
    • The highest standards of Quality Assurance
    • A Test Directory of over 300 clinical and anatomical test procedures
    • Convenient pickup through our ground and air courier services network
    • Supplies for sample submission
    • Reporting of test results available via online applications, printer, or fax
    • Online Applications supporting patient records management, supplies, & testing
    • High levels of online system security and strict confidentiality
    • The Marshfield Advantage

Please take a moment to browse their web site and become familiar with Marshfield Labs.  Feel free to contact them at 800-222-5835.